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LAP-BAND® versus Gastric Bypass

Many people eager to lose weight are faced with the question of the Lap Band versus gastric bypass. Both procedures have their pros and cons. Let’s begin our discussion with gastric bypass, which is the more invasive of the two procedures. Indeed, the relative invasiveness of gastric bypass probably its biggest downside. Gastric bypass involves cutting and stapling of both the stomach and bowels. Among other potential downsides are more post-operative pain and discomfort, more potential complications, and the fact that it is not reversible. On the other hand, gastric bypass yields faster initial weight loss and, according to many studies, more overall weight loss than the Lap Band. In the comparison of the Lap Band versus gastric bypass, the Lap Band is certainly less invasive. No internal organs are bypassed, and the procedure is both adjustable and totally reversible. That said, weight loss with the Lap Band is more gradual, the ceiling for total potential weight loss is probably lower, and the procedure may require follow-ups for necessary adjustments.

If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of the Lap Band versus gastric bypass, you should contact our experts here at Brand Surgical Institute. Our renowned medical team offers both of these options, as well as a third option known as gastric sleeve surgery. This involves removing around 85% of the stomach and then giving the remaining portion the shape of a tube or sleeve to regulate food intake. Again, this option is more invasive than the Lap Band, but it results in immediate weight loss.

The medical professionals at Brand Surgical Institute have made a name for themselves as a reputable provider of both Lap Band surgery and gastric bypass surgery. Many patients inquire about the pros and cons of the Lap Band versus gastric bypass. Let’s begin with gastric bypass. The big plus for this procedure is the immediate weight loss. Indeed, with gastric bypass, not only do you lose weight faster, but some studies contend that overall it results in more weight loss than the Lap Band. On the other hand, gastric bypass is more invasive than the Lap Band. Gastric bypass involves dividing the stomach and reconstructing the intestines. That means there is substantial cutting and bypassing of major organs. This means a slower recovery period, relatively more post-op discomfort, and more potential complications. We should add, however, that gastric bypass is considered a very safe procedure. Ultimately, you should consult with an expert to determine whether you a good candidate for gastric bypass.

In the debate of the Lap Band versus gastric bypass, the Lap Band is definitely the less invasive option. In fact, here at Brand Surgical Institute, are among a few select bariatric surgeons qualified to perform micro Lap Band surgery, which requires ONLY A SINGLE INCISION to the abdominal area. The Lap Band does not require any cutting of major organs, so recovery is faster, post-op discomfort is reduced, and scarring is negligible. The Lap Band involves fitting a plastic saline-filled band around the stomach, which then constricts and alters the stomach into an hourglass shape. Some patients do not prefer the Lap Band because it does require return visits to adjust the band. That said, the Lap Band is removable, which may appeal to some patients.