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Brand Surgical Institute providing breast lifts, technically known as a Mastopexy. In short, breast lifts are a procedure that returns drooping and sagging breast to a more youthful, perky appearance and position. Over time and as we age, the breasts tend to stretch and elongate, slowly losing their youthful contour. Along with age, genetics, pregnancy and other factors also contribute to sagging breasts.

A Mastopexy, commonly known as a breast lift, is a medical procedure that lifts and firms the breasts by removing excess skin, followed by lifting and tightening of the breast tissue itself for reshaping it, ultimately improving its appearance and contour.

As noted by Brand Surgical Institute, the surgery itself actually doesn't significantly change the size of your breasts or the volume of the upper part of your breast, rather just reshaping and “lifting” them. Brand Surgical Institute skillful surgeon hands and artistic precision results in breasts that are firmer, with a more youthful look and feel.

There are several mastopexy techniques that Brand Surgical Institute may use to lift the breasts. The type of technique is based on how much drooping and sagging the breasts have. In certain cases an implant may be all that is needed to lift the breasts and restore the lost volume. In other cases, incisions may be needed to lift and reshape the breasts. A crescent lift would slightly raise the nipple/areola. A circumareolar lift also known as the donut mastopexy will tighten the skin envelope as well as provide a small lift. This procedure requires an incision around the areola. The lollipop or vertical lift involves an incision around and down the breast and provides reshaping and lifting of the breast and skin. The most powerful lift called the anchor pattern or wise pattern mastopexy provides access to the breast tissue to lift and recontour the breast mound as well as lift the breasts. Each of the above procedures may be performed with or without an implant depending on the type of result that one desires.


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