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Breast revision surgery is a very common procedure performed by Brand Surgical Institute. Breast revisional surgery is also called redo breast surgery or secondary breast surgery. This includes correcting complications from previous breast surgery or correcting the natural changes that occur to the breast over time secondary to aging, pregnancy and breast feeding.

Some of the reasons that one would seek the services of Brand Surgical Institute for breast redo surgery would be in case of implant deflation, implant malposition, implant hardening (capsular contracture), going smaller, going larger, needing another lift, or in cases of implant rippling.

Implant deflation is not a common occurrence but needs to be addressed in a timely manner, as the sooner the surgery is performed after the deflation, the less work is needed to be performed. Implant malposition is when the breast implant is not seated appropriately. This can be when the implant has drifted laterally, falling off the chest, or in cases when the two breasts have come so close together forming one breast, called symmastia. In either case a capsulorrhaphy (re-suturing the capsule) needs to be performed. Implant hardening, referred to as capsular contracture is when there is excess scar tissue forming around the implant which can cause pain, distortion of the breast and problems with mammography readings. Our surgeons would remove the excess scar tissue, capsulectomy, or open up the scar tissue called capsulotomy. Brand Surgical Institute has had very promising results with patients that have had the unfortunate experience of multiple occurrences. Implant rippling is a more common issue with saline implants and implants that are placed in front of the muscle. Revisional surgery would remove and replace the saline implants with silicone and in cases of subglandular implants, they can be moved to a subpectoral (behind the muscle) position to improve the rippling.


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